MLH Property Specialists Inc. is the premiere property management company for fine homes in Cebu. Our services free you of any complexities that may come with managing a house.

From occupant procurement, to documentation, to housekeeping and repairs, MLH Property Specialists Inc. caters to every aspect of property management. Every concern you may have about your home is thoroughly looked after, whether you are a landlord, tenant or homeowner.

Our strength is in our professional and personalized service that goes beyond what is expected of a property management company. From matching the home to occupant specifications and helping tenants adjust to their new surroundings, you are assured of assistance every step of the way.

We have been operating for nearly a decade, and currently manage 13 homes, most of which are located within the Maria Luisa Estate Park.

The MLH logo concept portrays the experience when a client deals with MLH brokers: simple, straightforward, transparent and results- oriented. The stone bricks symbolize a solid foundation and a visual relation to the real estate industry. The monogram is a modern take of the Taoist trigram lines that symbolize balance.