Property Management

Our professional and personalized service ensures that concerns related to your residence are immediately attended to.
  • Complete utilities personnel including electricians, plumbers, garden and pool staff to handle maintenance and repairs
  • Alliances with contractors for simple and complex repairs and replacements
  • Maintenance of air conditioners, water heaters, and other appliances through subcontractors
  • Inventory of furniture and fixtures
  • Onsite housekeeping staff to keep homes clean and tidy
  • Management of household staff, including scheduling days off and leaves of absence
  • Facilitation and assistance with applications for telephone, cable and Internet providers
  • Facilitation of regular pest control services
  • Daily Pool Maintenance with technical expertise for repairs
  • Landscaping maintenance, care, and rehabilitation
  • Regular reports and updates to homeowners
  • Trust Accounting services with regular, accurate reporting to homeowners